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Ellas Kitchen Apple and Ginger baby cookies
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen Apple and Ginger baby cookies


    Ellas Kitchen presents this stage 2 organic baby food. Yummy soft and crumbly apple + ginger baby cookies.  All I contain is the goodness of simple ingredients, firm enough for little fingers to hold, yet soft enough to melt in little mouths. A baby cookie from Ella’s Kitchen is always 100% organic and 100% yummy.

  • This baby food contains Apples and Ginger

    An apple a day really does work! Apples contain two kinds of fiber, both very important when it comes to digestion and maintaining bowel movements. All this is great for the colon, stomach, liver, and other digestive organs. Along with the fiber, apples have been found to lower cholesterol as well.

    Ginger is a great digestive aid for babies, as well as aids in helping the immune system fight off general colds. It also helps to cure nausea and motion sickness. The great thing about ginger is that as a spice it can be added to almost any food item, without really altering the taste of that said food item.