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Ellas Kitchen Chicken and Corn
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen Chicken and Corn


    Ellas Kitchen stage 2 organic babyfood. Chicken and corn baby food with a 100% organic mix of potatoes and other veggies. Growing babies will love our oh so creamy chicken and corn mash baby food. Corn, chicken, potatoes and more, perfectly balanced for growing babies.

  • This baby food contains chicken and corn

    Chicken is considered to be one of the first meat meals a baby should try. Like beef, chicken is rich in iron and protein, and can deliver sufficient amounts needed for an infant. It is also one of the most easily digested meats out there. You can also be sure your infant is receiving good amounts of zinc and other vitamins as well.

    Corn is packed with carbohydrates and protein, making it a great source of enegery. Low in fat and calories, it’s a great snack for any infant. It does lack a lot of other nutritional values as compared to other veggies, so as a standalone meal it should be avoided, but as a snack it’s a great option for any infant. Easy to digest as well