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Ellas Kitchen Mango Baby Brekkie

Ellas Kitchen Mango Baby Brekkie
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen Mango Baby Brekkie


    Ellas Kitchen developed this stage 1 mango baby brekkie. This baby food is made of yummy mango yogurt and brown rice. It’s perfect as part of a filling breakfast, snack, or as a simple dessert. Active babies love baby brekkies. 100% organic ingredients — just mango yogurt, brown rice, flour and a tiny splash of lemon juice for your little one to slurp.

  • This baby food contains mango.

    Mangos are packed with vitamin A, and almost have the highest level of carotenoids than any other fruit. These are great for the immune system from anything to the common cold to help preventing cancer cell development. They also come loaded with vitamin C and B, iron, potassium, and fiber. Low in fat as well, they are a great fruit to start you baby on.