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Ellas Kitchen Pears, Apples and Rice

Ellas Kitchen pears, apples and rice
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen pears, apples and rice


    This stage 1 baby food from Ellas Kitchen is simply made from pears, apples + baby rice. It’s ideal for hungrier babies. Comes ready to eat in a handy pouch. Yummy and healthy 100% organic baby food with nothing else added, not even water. A wonderful treat for tiny taste buds trying out new flavors. Your little one just gets organic pears, apples and organic ground brown rice cereal, nothing else.

  • This baby food contains pears, apples and rice.

    A pear is a nutrient dense fruit, meaning it has more nutrients than calories. Rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, they can also reduce cholesterol levels. Since they also have very low acidity, they are great in reducing reflux and very gentle on stomachs. They have no fats or sodium either.

    An apple a day really does work! Apples contain two kinds of fiber, both very important when it comes to digestion and maintaining bowel movements. All this is great for the colon, stomach, liver, and other digestive organs. Along with the fiber, apples have been found to lower cholesterol as well.

    Brown rice is actually white rice, but with more layers outside layers on it. This is where a majority of the nutrients are based. This outside layer comes loaded with vitamins B, BH, and BG. Also found in it is iron and phosphorus and essential fatty acids your body needs to grow. Like white rice, there are carbs to help give energy too.