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Ellas Kitchen The Green One Smoothie
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen The Green One Smoothie


    Ellas Kitchen presents this organic stage 2 baby food. The Green One a kiwi smoothie? Is it an apple smoothie? Pear? It’s all of them all mixed together in a scrumptious and healthy pouch full of fruity goodness! A mix of apples, pears, kiwis, and bananas with just a splash of lemon juice. We don’t add anything else to our delicious kiwi and apple smoothies, not even water. An organic smoothie fruit snack for hungry babies and toddlers.

  • This baby food contains kiwi, apple and pears.

    Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C which is important in for healing wounds and strengthening bloods vessels. It also helps bind other cells together.

    An apple a day really does work! Apples contain two kinds of fiber, both very important when it comes to digestion and maintaining bowel movements. All this is great for the colon, stomach, liver, and other digestive organs. Along with the fiber, apples have been found to lower cholesterol as well.

    A pear is a nutrient dense fruit, meaning it has more nutrients than calories. Rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, they can also reduce cholesterol levels. Since they also have very low acidity, they are great in reducing reflux and very gentle on stomachs. They have no fats or sodium either.