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Ellas Kitchen The Purple One Smoothie
Why it's good
  • Ellas Kitchen The Purple One Smoothie


    This stage 2 organic baby food from Ellas kitchen is called the Purple One. It is one of Ella’s Kitchen’s scrumptious fruit smoothies for babies and toddlers. It’s a blackcurrant and blueberry smoothie made from 100% organic fruits and a tiny dash of lemon juice .Our smoothies for babies and toddlers are great healthy fruity smoothie snacks in a handy pouch for moms and dads and little ones on the go.

  • This baby food contains blueberries

    Blueberries are considered a “Super Food”, for it’s high level of antioxidants and fiber. Both will help in digestion and nutrients needed for growing. They also are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. A great snack, they are perfect for travel cause of their size and lack of preparation needed.