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Plum Organics Mango and Sweet Potato Super Puffs
Why it's good
  • Plum Organics Mango and Sweet Potato Super Puffs


    Super Puffs, a colorful line of bite-sized nutritious puffed snacks that are perfect for tactile development and self-feeding. Made from 100% organic whole grains and vibrantly colored fruits and veggies, each puff contains beneficial vitamins and minerals.

  • This baby food contains Mangoes and Sweet Potatoes.

    Mangos are packed with vitamin A, and almost have the highest level of carotenoids than any other fruit. These are great for the immune system from anything to the common cold to help preventing cancer cell development. They also come loaded with vitamin C and B, iron, potassium, and fiber. Low in fat as well, they are a great fruit to start you baby on.

    Loaded with potassium and beta carotene, along with vitamin A, they also contain a large amount of calcium, vitamin E and folate. It’s hard to believe such a sweet tasting vegetable is so healthy for someone. They also have a wide variety of ways they can be prepared and served, so your baby is sure to love them.